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  • ... that Randy Peterson was shot in the arm while running for President?
  • ... that Angela Mallory created a movie for her senior project, called "The Trouble With Hippies"?
  • ... that Adam Bishop has a tattoo of tetrachloroethylene on his right shoulder?
  • ... that Daniel Mallory appointed an ex-girlfriend to sit on the BSC Supreme Court?
  • ... that Brian Murphy is part-owner of the Washington, D.C. bar McMurphy's?
  • ... that J. P. Dailey considered film directing before moving into politics?
  • ... that Matt Mitchell is a Vanderbilt and UF alumnus?
  • ... that Peter Vandenberg is b@#s$%@ insane and was assassinated in 2040?
  • ... that Valeria Smith has been in Senate 18 years?
  • ... that Geraldo Gozne was a former Marxist in college?
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