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Angela Rachael Mallory (nee Chiles)
Secretary of Energy
In Office:
2021 - Present
Preceded by Dr. Adam Dauterive
Succeeded by None
Lieutenant Governor of the Heartlands
In Office:
2015 - 2018
Governor: Elizabeth Wellbourne
Preceded by Vacant
Succeeded by Chris Richards
Senator from the Great Lakes
In Office:
2009 - 2011
Served alongside: Elizabeth Wellbourne
Preceded by Carl Levin
Succeeded by Jason Gillikin

March 14, 1978
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Political Party Republican
Spouse Daniel Mallory
Religion None listed

Angela Rachael Mallory (nee Chiles) (born March 14, 1978 in Green Bay, WI) is the current Secretary of Energy, a former Lieutenant Governor of the Heartlands, and previously represented the Great Lakes region in the Senate. She is known for being pragmatically liberal on environmental issues, especially pesticides, yet staunchly conservative on issues involving gun rights. She is married to former Big Sky Country Governor Daniel Mallory.


Childhood & Education

Chiles was born on on March 14th, 1978 in Green Bay, WI to Maury Chiles, a warehouse worker, and Chantelle (Morse) Chiles, a secretary at a futures trading outfit. She was raised as a union child, acknowledging the basic tenets of union philosophy while adhering to a semi-conservative ideal that was adopted prior to entering high school.

She attended Preble High School, where she was Student Council President for two consecutive years, the head of the school newspaper (The Preble Buzz), as well as the Wisconsin Ballroom Dancers Association "Junior" winner. During her tenure as editor-in-chief of the Preble Buzz, she was embrioled in a controversy, resulting from an expose on the corruption and drinking habits of her old (and very much hated) principal, who was forced to resign. Attempts at lawsuits against Chiles were dismissed, and she was editor for 2 consecutive years.

She graduated from Preble in 1997 and attended the University of New Mexico as a Political Science/Film Studies dual major. Her graduation project, the 2001 documentary "The Trouble With Hippies", landed her in more controversy due to uproar from hippies in New Mexico. This uproar calmed down after Chiles graduated.

Early Career

Chiles landed a job at WLUK in Green Bay, where she was a photojournalist from 2002 to 2006. During this time, she won two Emmy awards for excellence in photojournalism. These were awards for a piece on the effects of farm runoff in Lake Winnebago's ecosystem; as well a piece on the development of sustainable energy with the use of methane digesters, later to be a key component of her career.

She also did stories on professional ballroom dancing, which had her in front of the camera, as she was a professional ballroom dancer.

Political Career

Upon the death of Representative Steve Kagan, who perished in a plane crash weeks after his election to the US House of Representatives, Chiles announced her intent to run for the District 8 house seat. She won the seat vs. Shawano Democrat Ingrid Hernandez-Diaz by a vote of 56% to 44%, after it was revealed that Diaz was not a legal resident of the state of Wisconsin.

Chiles served one term in the house of representatives before she was approached to run for Senate against Democrat National Committee chairman Andrew Brockmeier, from Ann Arbor, Michigan. A nasty campaign ensued that caused a lot of resentment among voters in Michigan, and Chiles came out of the battle victorious, winning 52% to 48%.

Over the first two years of her term in office, she has authored legislation that would reduce methane emissions and use them to power homes, legislation that would move farmers to natural-ingredient pesticides, as well as legislation involving prescription security, port security, interstate commerce, and Medicaid benefit enhancement.

For the 112th Congress, Chiles served as the Senate President Pro Tempore until the change of majority occurred.

She resigned from the Senate for unknown reasons in 2011, and in combination with being a visiting professor of Dance and Culture at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, she is now the head of The Dead Poet's Society, a higher education SIG.

She was the Heartland's Lieutenant Governor during the final term of Governor Elizabeth Wellbourne's administration, and was a controversial figure due to her on-floor behavior against the Majority Leader, Jiles Scott, and most other Democrats of the time. Mallory mentioned in a later interview that this was the result of "a mother's instinct kicking in when necessary." She resigned her position near the end of her term, allowing for Amita Kapoor to replace her.

She is currently the Secretary of Energy, appointed by President Akeem Mellis. She previously worked at American Gas and Energy's alternative energy department in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Preceded by
Lieutenant Governor of the Heartlands
2015 - Present
Governor: Elizabeth Wellbourne
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Carl Levin
Senator from the Great Lakes
2009 - 2011
Served alongside: Elizabeth Wellbourne
Succeeded by
Jason Gillikin
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