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Adam Bishop is the former Lt. Governor of the Heartland. He is currently the Special Teams coach for the University of Texas Longhorns football team.

Adam Bishop
Former Lt. Governor of the Heartlands
In Office:
July 2009-February 2012
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Virginia Stark

2 January, 1963
Kankakee, IL
Political Party Republican
Spouse None
Religion Lutheran



Adam Bishop was born on January 2nd, 1963 outside of Kankakee, Illinois. His father was a corn farmer and his mother was a prostitute. He had five half brothers and sisters, three of whom he has met thus far in life.

He attended Northern Illinois University on a football scholarship. His freshman year he was named the teams starting punter. During the 1983 season he set a school record with 12 punts in a single game. He graduated in 1985 with a degree in chemistry. After spending six months touring the freelance chemistry depots of Europe he took a job with the Mercer County Water Board.

Congressional Career

In 1992 Bishop, who had been active as a fundrasier for the local GOP announced his intent to run in the party primary for the Mercer County state legislative seat. In a bold move, he spent most of the campaign talking about his glory days of Northern Illinois football. After pulling off a surprise win in the primary he went on to win the general election with a 49 percent plurality.

During his years in the House he argued aggresively for legislation to help small businesses. In 2002 he was honored by the Illinois Business Roundtable for his dedication to promoting economic growth. He also chaired the House GOP Regional Realignment Committee in 2008.

Lt. Governor

In 2009 Bishop was tapped by governor-select Andrew Merrilin to be his Lt. Governor. Despite his attempts to serve as the warm and caring counterpart to Merrilins brusque and aggressive manner, he soon found himself butting heads with Majority Leader Jiles Scott. Most famously he was the sole voice of dissent on a Scott authored bill that would dramatically increase penalties for people who stole from charities. He would later serve as acting governor for a month while Merrilins wife was giving birth. Maybe?? I don't remember. Bishop resigned his post in January of 2012 after being offered a job teaching chemistry at the University of Illinois. He would also serve as special teams coach for the football team.

Life After Illinois

In 2015 Adam left the University of Northern Illinois after being offered the special teams coach position for the University of Texas Longhorns football team. He moved to Austin, and within a year of taking the job had built the most dominant punting unit in college football.

Personal Life

Adam is unamrried. He has never met his mother, though he has made several emotional public appeals for her to "come home". He has at least 5 half siblings (all children of his father by different mothers), three of whom he has met thus far. He has stated he is not attempting to reach the other two at this time.

During his off time Adam hosts "Up Late with Adam Bishop" on Sportstalk KPNT in Austin. He often brags that he has a tattoo of tetrachloroethylene on his right shoulder


  • B.S. Degree in Chemistry, Polymer Track , Northern Illinois University, 1985


  • Water Purity Supervisor, Mercer County Water Board, 1986-1992

Political Experience

  • State Legislator, Illinois State Legislature, 1992-2009
  • Lt. Governor of the Heartlands, 2009-2012
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